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Mannheim Armitage Railway


Startup: 9/9/2011

This railroad never went into operation.
Switching duties and right-of-way assigned to Chessie Logistics on 11/21/2012

Mannheim Armitage Railway, LLC has filed to acquire from J. Emil Anderson & Son, Inc. and operate 1.006 miles, including 431 feet of siding, of private terminal trackage in Melrose Park, Cook County, Ill.
According to Mannheim Armitage Railway, there are no mileposts associated with the track, which is located in the city of Melrose Park, Cook County. Mannheim Armitage Railway states that J. Emil Anderson & Son is its corporate parent and that the track is currently being used by Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad to serve 2 active shippers. J. Emil Anderson & Son originally anticipated that the track would be conveyed to Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, but Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad has been unwilling to accept responsibility for the track. Mannheim Armitage Railway states that it will be the operator of the property and will establish suitable interchange arrangements with Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad at the junction of the track and expects to discuss the possibility of using Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad's locomotives (as well as Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad crews) to provide service over the track.
Mannheim certifies that its projected annual revenues as a result of this transaction will not exceed levels that will qualify it as a Class III rail carrier.
Note: Mannheim Armitage Railway states that the agreement with J. Emil Anderson & Son initially grants Mannheim Armitage Railway an exclusive easement to conduct common carrier operations. J. Emil Anderson & Son will convey its entire right, title, and interest in and to the track after Mannheim Armitage Railway has commenced serving shippers.

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