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Central Illinois Railroad

Current Reporting Marks: CIRY
Former Reporting Marks: DRSX


The Central Illinois Railroad came into existence 11/23/2000 by leasing the track on either side of Western Ave. and Cermak Rd. from the BNSF. The trackage (see map #1) consists of the Lumber District (ex-BN, ex-CB&Q), Western Ave. east, along Cermak with sidings between Cermak and the Chicago River. The tracks West of Western Ave (see Map #2) were the former Illinois Northern RR (ex-IN, ex-ATSF). Total miles: about 6 miles of main line and 12.5 miles of sidetrack. The Central Illinois RR then went on to lease, as of 4/23/2001, the trackage of the Centex Industrial Park (see map #3) loacated in Elk Grove Village from both the UP (ex-C&NW) and CP (ex-Soo, ex-CMSP&P). This is about 25 miles of track, some of the track is not in service at this time. The Central Illinois Railroad was a wholly owned subsidary of DOT Rail Services (reporting marks:DRSX); which used to supply the motive power for the Central Illinois Railroad.
The Central Illinois Rwy is a wholly owned subsidry of Central Illinois Railroad Holdings Inc.

DOT Rail Services and Central IllinoisRailroad Holdings was acquired by RailServices Group.

Rail Service Group went out of business.
The Central Illinois Railroad quit operations on 8/9/2010.

Right of Way

Operation #1

11/23/2000 to 8/9/2010
The first operation is industrial switching in Chicago, in an area bounded roughy by:
North: Cermak Rd, East: Halsted Ave. South: Chicago River, West: KedizeAve
Operations taken over by BNSF.

Map #1

Operation #2

4/23/2001 to 8/9/2010
The second operation is industrial switching in Chicago, on the right-of-way of the former Illinois Northern RR.
Update: line is in the process of being abandon by the BNSF
Bridge over the River will be removed in the future.

Map #2

Operation #3

4/23/2001 to 4/31/2007
The third operation is indistrial switching in Elk Grove Village, in an area by:
East: York Rd, North: Landmeir Rd
South: Thorndale (from Rt 83 to Arlington Heights rd)
West: Rt 83 (from Higgins to Thorndale) and Arlington Heights Rd,(from Thorndale to Landmeir)

Update: operations taken over by the Chicago Terminal Railroad

Map #3


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