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Incorported:06/06/2006, started 02/02/2007
Operation #1: Purchased right-of-way from Canadian Pacific Railway known as the C&E line.
Operation #2: Took over switching of the Centrex Industrial Park in Elk Grove Village, 5/1/2007
Operation #3: Took over switching from Canadian Pacific Railway of the Bensenville Industrial Park, 12/7/2007
Owned by Permian Basin Rwy, a subsidary of Iowa Pacific Holdings.

Right of Way

The C&E line
CTRR map

Centrex in Elk Grove Village
Elk Grove Village map

Bensenville Industrial Park
Elk Grove Village map


Chicago Terminal RR ILSX #900
Above: EMD SW8 Lettered: Chicago Terminal, ILS900, ex-WC900, ex-AC140
Assigned to the C&E line

Chicago Terminal RR ILSX #1396
Chicago Terminal 1396
Above: EMD GP10 (rebuilt GP9) Lettered: Chicago Terminal, ILSX1396, ex-IC9226, ex-ICG8226, ex-G&M1075, ex-MS1075, ex-PS&P1002
Chicago Terminal 1387
Above: EMD GP35 Lettered: Independent Locomotive Leasing, ILSX1387, ex-WC2056, ex-WC4008, ex-MP2530, ex-T&P 603
Assigned to Elk Grove Village

Chicago Terminal RR ILSX #921
Above: EMD SW1500 Lettered: Chicago Terminal, ILS900, ex-SP(SSW)2675, ex-NJT503
Assigned to Bensenville Industrial Park

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