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Wisconsin Chicago Link

Reporting Marks: WCCL


Incorp: 4/21/1999
Subsidary of the Wisconsin Central RR

Right of Way

Wisconsin Chicago Link Ltd. will acquire from Wisconsin Central Ltd. approximately 4.1 miles of rail line (the Forest Park Line) extending between milepost 10.9 in Forest Park, IL, and milepost 15.0 in Franklin Park, IL. Wisconsin Central will retain trackage rights over the Forest Park Line, which lies within the Chicago terminal district and connects at Forest Park with the west end of the Altenheim Subdivision of The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad Company, a subsidiary of CSX Transportation, Inc. Wisconsin Central's primary Chicago-area yard facility, Schiller Park Yard, lies north of Franklin Park.

Wisconsin Chicago Link Ltd. will lease from Pennsylvania Lines LLC approximately 1.9 miles of rail line (the Panhandle Line) of the former Pittsburgh Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company (PCC&StL) in Chicago, Cook County, IL. The Panhandle Line extends between a connection with CSX Transportation, Inc. via the Altenheim Subdivision of The Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad Company at Ogden Junction near Rockwell Street (approximately PCC&StL milepost 309.8), and a point (approximately PCC&StL milepost 307.9) 600 feet north of the north bank of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, near the Ash Street Interlock. The Panhandle Line is paralleled for its entire length by terminal trackage of other carriers, and connects at its north and south ends with the lines of numerous other railroads. Wisconsin Chicago Link will also obtain incidental, overhead trackage rights extending south from PCC&StL milepost 307.9, a distance of approximately 2 miles to present or future connections with rail lines of Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Canadian National/Grand Trunk Western Railroad, Inc., Illinois Central Railroad Company, Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad Company and The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company.



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