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Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer

Reporting Marks: CHTT
Wholley owned subsidary of Union Pacific RR.


Incorporated March 22, 1898, under the general laws of the State of Illinois, for the purpose of constructing a railroad from different points in the town of Bloom, Cook County, Ill., to various railroads and industries located in that town, with a belt line connecting the railroads.Operates 12.795 miles of track
The CHTT was purchased by the Chicago & Eastern Illinois on 8/1/1927.
Railroad is a subsidary of Union Pacific RR.
Ownership chain:
Owned by Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR, which was purchased by Missouri Pacific, which in turn was purchased by Union Pacific.

Right of Way

Headquarters: 309 E 17th St. Chicago Heights
The owned mileage of the carrier, 6.697 miles, was acquired by construction, as follows:
Seventeenth Street line; Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad depot to Wentworth Avenue, 0.82
Main belt line; Seventeenth Street near Chicago and Eastern Illinois depot, north and around loop to east-end connection of Seventeenth Street line near Wentworth avenue, 2.40
Inland Steel line; Seventeenth Street connection near Hanover Street south to near Twenty-second Street, and west to right of way of Chicago and Eastern Illinois, 0.85
Brickyard line; connection with Seventeenth Street line near Stewart Avenue, south and west to connection with Chicago and Eastern Illinois, 1.44
Seventeenth Street extension; connection with Seventeenth Street line near Wentworth Avenue, east to end of track, 0.81
Armour main; connection with main belt line near Tenth Street, east to end of track, 0.37


CHTT # 721442

CHTT # 720953

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