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Chesapeake & Indiana

Reporting Marks: CKIN


Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad, an Indiana Box Car company, will operate approximately 32 miles rail lines owned by the Town of North Judson.
The rail lines operated are:
Wellsboro, IN to LaCrosse,IN - 14.6 miles
Malden, IN to North Judson, IN - 18.4 miles
Railroad operations started on or after July 29, 2004.
Note: The Town of North Judson has purchased the rail lines formerly known as the Wabash Subdivision of the Chicago Division of CSX Transportation.

Right of Way


IBCX #1706 GP16 (ex-United Defense, Fayette Cty, PA)

IBCX #2003 GP20 (ex-SP #7210, SP #4060, WSOR #4060, WSOR #2003)

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