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Buckeye Hammond

Reporting Marks: none


Startup: 12/06/2012
Shut Down: 9/17/2017

Buckeye Hammond Railroad Co., provides notice of acquisition from Buckeye Partners and its operation of existing railroad right-of-way, trackage and bulk liquid transloading facilities currently owned by Buckeye Hammond Railroad in Hammond, Indiana. Buckeye Partners has transferred ownership of the right of way, trackage and bulk liquid tansloading facilities, consisting of on-site pipelines, loading docks and bilk liquid tanks to Buckeye Hammond Railroad. The trackage is used in conjunction with interchanging tank cars to and fron the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, containing carloads of ethanol and related liquid products for transloading of these products into tank trucks and also tank cars, some for post transload outbound shipment by rail and some for transloading into trucks for final delivery.

There is currently 6,797 linear feet (1.29 miles) of track located on the Hammond Transload Facility.

Switching duties taken over by: Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad

Right of Way

Aerial view of BH RR


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