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MAY 5, 2008
Burlington Shortline Railroad, Inc., d/b/a Burlington Junction Railway - Lease and Operation - BNSF Railway Company
Burlington Shortline Railroad, Inc., d/b/a Burlington Junction Railway , a Class III rail carrier, has filed to lease and to operate approximately 2.5 miles of BNSF railroad properties consisting of certain trackage, real property, and railroad operating rights located at Montgomery, IL. The rail properties being leased consist of land and tracks owned by BNSF adjacent to and within the Montgomery Industrial Park, located between milepost 39.40 and milepost 40.50 on BNSF's east-west Main 1, Track 3998, and Main 2, track 3999, but excluding BNSF's Main 1, Main 2, and the Old North Main Track 3900. In particular, the lease agreement pertains to track numbers 3901, 3902, 3903, 3904, the segment of track 3930 between tracks 3900 and 3932, and the segment of track 3930 between the northern terminus of track 3931 and track 3942. BNSF is granting to BJR incidental trackage rights for interchange purposes over track 3900 (the Old North Main) between track numbers 3904 and 3930. BNSF is also assigning to Burlington Junction Railway its contractual rights to operate over certain private industrial track (not owned by BNSF) used to serve shippers in the area, pertaining to track numbers 3905, 3906, 3907, 3908, 3909, 3914, 3915, 3920, 3931, 3932, 3933, 3940, 3941, 3942, 3943, 3944, 9916, 9976, and the portions of track 3930 not owned by BNSF. Burlington Junction Railway , in turn, is granting BNSF interchange rights for the use of Burlington Junction Railway 's leased yard tracks at Montgomery, IL, for the sole purpose of interchanging traffic between the parties on track numbers 3901 and 3902.

Burlington Junction Locomotive #900, SW9 assigned to Montgomery,IL.

Right of Way

Map of operation

Aerial of BJRY
BJRY aerial
Beginning of BJRY, Looking North from Webster St.
BJRY Beginning
BJRY Yard area, BNSF on the right
BJRY #900
BJRY #900
BJRY #900 and another view of the yard.
Locomotives and Yard


BJRY  DLCX  # 181

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Official site:Burlington Junction Railway

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